Surpass customer expectations by offering something extra


A person who visits your restaurant is not just looking for a good meal or a good service. A customer who has decided to sit in your table, among other things, is looking to live an experience that makes him, or her, go back. That is why offering something extra and unexpected would be an interesting resource to blow your customers mind.

Want to know more about this?  In this entry we will share you the case of Kamado Grille described by Stan Phelps, passionate writer about customer engagement and contributor for Forbes, in his article “Kamado Grille Creates An Experience For Customers By Giving A Little Unexpected Extra” 


Kamado Grille Case

Kamado Grille is a restaurant located in Raleigh, NC, whose dishes have a particular taste cherished by lots of people. What is their secret? All the food is cooked on a “Kamado Joe”, an egg shaped ceramic grill allowing the ingredients to sear quickly and retain all their properties and flavor. Thanks to the creativity of the chef Eric Gephart, Chief Culinary Officer who introduced the Kamado Joe, this gastronomic experience becomes unique for lots of customers, but… There is more. There is the little extra.


Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe. Photo credit: STan Phelps.


Grilling for Gephart, as Phelps states, is more than just a hobby, it is a lifestyle for some people. That is why, in order to tap into that passion, Kamado Grille offers free cooking classes (with tastings) on Saturday mornings at 10 A.M.

These classes are one hour length and they take place before the doors of the restaurant open. Phelps describe that the Chef Eric picks out a piece of fish or meat to help fans learn the intricacies of ceramic grill cooking. As he states, the sampling of the food is the awaited moment, and it tastes, according to Phelps, amazing. With an extra like this your certainly leave with a memorable experience. Once again, one lesson could be you’re your passion is something to be shared.

Class Photo credit: Stan Phelps

Class Photo credit: Stan Phelps


What could we all learn from Kamado Grille?
Here are some questions that Stan leaves us to ask ourselves


  • All it’s about the experience: How can you transform your service into an experience that’s signature, memorable and talk-able for your customers?
  • Behind the curtain: What can you offer during or outside of business hours to give customers a peek?
  • Unleash the power of free: What can you do that goes above and beyond the transaction to honor the relationship between customer and your restaurant?


Here it is a great example of how to surpass customer expectations and deliver great and memorable experiences described by Stan. Keep in mind that anytime a customer leaves your restaurant with a positive impression, they will recommend you sometimes; if they leave your establishment with an outstanding experience, they will share it with everybody and fast. So, tell us, how will you integrate ideas, like the Kamado’s Grilling class, in your restaurant marketing?