Restaurants Trends: The Power of the People, The New Restaurant Critic


We are quite sure you are already aware of the huge “foodie” trend growth in the last years. But, today, more than ever, they are being heard and now, more and more customers are turning from foodies to Food Critics, being very influential in their social media channels.

So, leaving a great impression to your customers, in general terms, more than an added value and a reason to come back, is nowadays, an obligation. As there are plenty of apps, social forums and tons of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts where foodies, amateur critics and common diners share their feelings on the places and the food they eat and that are way more trusted than traditional advertising, you should be ready to copy and provide the best service your restaurant can n-times.

In order to go a little bit further with this trend, shares an interesting Infographic about the Social Power of your customers and other key information regarding food safety and who is nowadays your truly Food inspector. Check it out:




How did you find it? We strongly believe that you should be very aware of what is being said about your restaurant in real time. Monitoring your restaurant’s social reputation is, for this industry, a key activity and there are plenty of experts out there in your city (and outside your city) that could take care of it while you focus on the other duties your restaurant requires.  

Nevertheless, also considering keeping this activity in-house would be another great strategy. Just think about it