Principles of an excellent customer service: Kindness


One of the guiding principles of an excellent customer service, regardless the industry of service offered, is the kindness. Even though, we all know and have heard before that it should be essential for an outstanding customer service; out there, are really only few the restaurants that put it into practice.

In order to find out whether if your staff in the restaurant is being truly kind to your customers, we suggest to answer yourself the following questions. Also, to find it out more precisely, you could hire a mystery shopper service from your preferred advertising agency.

Is my staff being truly kind to my restaurant’s customers?

  • Do they approach the customer immediately when they are being called?
  • Do they speak in an appropriate voice tone?
  • Do they listen actively to what your customers are truly saying?
  • Do they always serve with a smile on their face?
  • Do they look anxious when customers are not ordering fast?
  • Do they solve professionally any doubts the customer have?

If your answer is something close to “I do not know, honestly” or “I am not quite sure”, then changes should be done. As, believe it or not, the kindness transmitted by your staff, is one of the key reasons that decide whether a customer decides to come back and recommend, or to never ever come back and strongly not recommend. Use this group of questions to evaluate constantly if your staff is in the right path. Also, please suggest us more. We would be very grateful to share your knowledge and help other restaurant owners that are willing to improve their customer service.