How to exploit Pinterest to promote your restaurant


In the following entry we present some interesting ideas on how to take advantage of what this free Social Network could provide, in terms of marketing, to your restaurant. We will review the article “How to use Pinterest to boost your restaurant?” written by Géraldine Malet, Editor-in-chief and specialist in foodservice marketing from, a recommended online magazine for restaurant managers; and then, we will define a set of must-do actions to start taking the best out of it and start advertising your restaurant effectively.

Alright, before we work on the article, do you know Pinterest?. As they define themselves, is a visual discovery tool you can use to get new ideas for your projects and interests. Let’s focus on the “visual” part of their definition and check out how it looks.


Pinterest restaurant search


As you can see, it is, indeed, very visual. It is so visually powerful that this is the key reason why it has grown so fast. Right now it counts with more than 70 million of active users, being the 80% of them more the US. So, estimated manager, your brand, your dishes, your restaurant must be here.

How does it function?

It is easy to use. As Géraldine states, you can create thematic “boards” where you “pin” images corresponding to your favorite subjects. You can follow someone, like or share their “pins”. Also, by clicking on these “pins” you are linked to that user website, making Pinterest an interesting source of traffic to your webpage. Take a look at the example she shares of a typical Pinterest board with the search “cooking recipes


Search cooking recipes on Pinterest


Asking yourself if your restaurant really needs to be here?

We know you might be thinking “I do not have the time to pay attention to this” or “I don’t have someone to work on this”. Well, to come up with a good Pinterest profile for your restaurant, you just need a couple of minutes every day to pin nice recipes related to your cuisine, photos of your restaurant, of your dishes, etc. Content that you can find at hand by searching for keywords related to what you want to share.

Still not convinced? Géraldine states two good reasons to consider Pinterest a gold mine for a restaurant:

  • Food and drink is one of the best-loved, most-shared subjects on Pinterest
  • Pinterest users have 9% higher income than non-users, meaning more purchasing power!

We agree with her that it represents a powerful tool for your restaurant. Not only by creating brand awareness when someone is looking at a pin containing the name of your restaurant, but by connecting users interested to find out more to your webpage after clicking on your pin. And remember, it’s free.

Taking into account all that have been said, Géraldine simplifies in three sentences, the greatest benefits of this Social Network for your restaurant: “More visibility, more traffic, and more potential customers”


How to exploit Pinterest to boost your restaurant?

Sign up and create your first boards

When creating your profile remember to write a short but persuasive description of your restaurant. Also detail your address and link it to your webpage. Then after doing this it will ask you to select the themes. Also Géraldine lists some thematic ideas to take into account when creating your first boards: Photos of your main courses, of your desserts, thematic recipes, tips and tricks, sources of inspiration, photos of menus, among others.

We agree with her that the keys to promote your restaurant properly in Pinterest are the organization and variety of content. She states that be varying the boards and giving them a clear name, it facilitates users interested in that specific subject to find you. For example, check out how’s Pinterest page looks like. You will see that they have a variety of subjects and they give a clear idea of the brand’s offer and identity. page on Pinterest


Let’s check some examples Géraldine approves of restaurants that are successfully using Pinterest to advertise themselves:

Arni’s restaurant has linked its website to Pinterest, where visitors can discover tis food, desserts, events, and even its employees pets! They have done pretty well makign their Pinterest a source of eye-catching and followable content.

Arni’s restaurant page on Pinterest


Mooo restaurant located in Boston, has called her attention by offering besides their dishes, cocktails and recipes, diverse source of inspiration, press reviews, photos of events and latest trends. Making their profile a very a complete source of everything a user is looking for.

How did you find this entry? Did you find it interesting? Let us know your thoughts. We strongly recommend following Géraldine and her magazine It is a great source of online marketing ideas for your restaurant.