How to build a persuasive web design for your restaurant?


In this entry we will share some of the most important steps to take into account when building the webpage for your restaurant.

First thing is always to have clear goals with your webpage, which are: Develop a binding relation with your prospects and customers, encourage them to visit your restaurant and be visible to all the users looking for the dishes you cook and are willing to pay the price you propose. Is your currently webpage achieving all this?

If the answer is either “I do not have a webpage for my restaurant” or “I, honestly do not know”, then we invite you to have a look to the following article written by Erika Silva, expert on foodservice marketing in she describes that the first detail to take into consideration, is that is must be responsive.

Meaning that should be able to be correctly visualized in all mobile devices. This isimportant as is already proven that are more the users browsing webpages form their mobiles than from their desktop computers.

What cannot be missed in a restaurant website?

Design inspired in your customers: Your website must be easy to navigate. Be careful at the moment to select the information. Remember that those who visit your website is because they are, somehow, interested in going to your restaurant or at least, into they are looking to know more about your place.

Key information: She emphasizes in providing valuable content to those who come to visit your web. For example, the menu. Put the menu easy to find, listing prices and descriptions of your dishes. Also prospects entering your webpage want to check out pictures of your dishes and of the place. Always include them.

The top 4 most important elements for your web:

According to Erika, these are 4 key elements that must be present in your restaurant web:

  1. The header: briefly share what is your restaurant about.
  2. The Call to Action: stands for what do you want your visitor to do inside your web. Book a table? Send you an e-mail?
  3. Collection of e-mail: The idea is that visitor that comes in, leaves at least the e-mail so you could use it for e-mail marketing.
  4. Testimonials: Other customers sharing their great experience at your restaurant is also a good tool.


She states that is always good to offer something free to keep your users hooked in exchange of leaving their e-mails. In our webpage we currently manage it, and for every user subscribed in our newsletter, they receive a great discount in any of the services.

In the following entries we will share with you examples of powerfully persuasive websites of restaurants around the world. And how are they different to yours? In nothing. Maybe you even serve tastier food and your customer service exceeds them, but without a proper webpage you will remain invisible for those who are looking to go eat at your place.