7 Ideas to Increase your restaurant’s Lunch Sales


As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for new ideas on how to create and consolidate a consistent sales flux for your business. Today we present you seven ideas on how to Increase your sales flux during those difficult days. Ideas that were put together by Carmen Vogel from On Point, a recommended Restaurant Technology Blog. No more to say, let’s have a look at these ideas:

Offer a Power Lunch Special:

We agree with her that it would be useful to implement a lunch special or combo deal. A satisfying lunch at a more affordable price will bring guests back on a regular basis. A good idea would be that this combo is well-balanced in terms of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables. Take into account the rising awareness of the health of their health.


Hand-deliver samples:

Even though this strategy could be perceived a little bit aggressive to some people, we also agree with Carmen that most will feel gladly surprised by delivering free-samples to nearby offices just before lunch. This will make them aware of the existence of your restaurant and of the taste of some of your creations. And if you pair them with coupons and group discounts, you will powerfully attract new customers.





Give Group Discounts:

As we mentioned giving group discounts paired with free-delivered samples would be a good tactic. Just by giving discounts you will attract new guests. However, the idea is to play wise with the discounts theme. So, a good proposed way to do so, according to Carmen, is to encourage larger parties by offering a special deal for groups of four or more. Remember, there is a big group of friends and coworkers to go lunch together.


Deliver free to local businesses:

Another good idea would be to offer free-delivery to increase the food ordering. This will include those hard-workers that were consumed by their duties and didn’t have time to go outside to eat. Free delivery would be a perfect hook to capitalize a great flux of sales daily by targeting this group of workers.


Use Social Media Marketing:

We consider this, more than an idea, a strategic activity that should be implemented effectively by all restaurants. Not only to boost your lunch sales, but to increase brand awareness and grow your followers base. Followers and fans that will be more likely to visit your restaurant. In our blog we cover topics on how to use these free tools on your favor; we invite you to check them out.




Don’t sacrifice Customer Service:

We agree with Carmen that this is the proven best way to promote repeat lunchtime business. You could implement effectively the above mentioned ideas, but if your customer service is not up to par, you will not see a change in your everyday sales. We know that this is being said everywhere (which makes it sounds repetitive): “Customer service is the king”, “Customer service is everything”, etc. But the truth is that all of them are right, and is customer service, the reason why tons of restaurants are receiving a bad rating.


So, how did you find Carmen ideas? Definitely you should try them to validate if they work or not. Maybe you have your own ideas to share that could help our restaurant manager’s community. If you like our articles (or any other in our blog) give us a share, or a tweet. Help us spread the voice.