6 Benefits of a Futuristic Website for your restaurant


Without a doubt we are living in the Internet Era. Due to technological advances we are now able to stay connected 24/7. As detailed in a research conducted by the company,  Alcatel-Lucent, it’s already a fact that a single person grabs their smartphone at least 150 times a day to check out their social network profiles, to send text messages, to take pictures and videos among other things.

This proves the imminent need to have a highlighted digital presence, as your customer in the internet Market, is being shown tons of options from your competitors. When they research for any restaurant, local bar, etc. they take the decision to where to go and eat based on the place’s website positioning, reputation and references. This reputation and these references come, mainly, from the restaurant or bar Social Network users. (Being Yelp tremendously influential among other strong Social Networks)

And, where are your Social Networks linked to? To your website! People that has a great first impression of your restaurant through referrals and after checking out good reviews of first-handed social networks, they will go check out your webpage. At this point your restaurant must give the final blow of reasons to go sit and eat your food. To complement what we mentioned previously, here we want to share a list of six reasons to have an updated, catchy and attractive website:

  1. Increased Visibility: This way you ensure that people can find your business easily. And we do not mean only in the digital scope, as it is possible to place a map or give directions (via Google Maps or Google Places) to the entry door of your restaurant. As we mentioned before, people usually researches online before visiting the place.
  2. Accessibility 24 hours a day: A website operates actively all day long every day of the year. This way is like leaving the doors of your restaurant open to the visitors so they can enter and have a preliminary experience regarding your place. People at home from their computers and outside from their mobile phones and tablets will be able to access to your webpage, and, for instance, to your restaurant. Also, visitors that feel good about what they see will look out for the menu to check out your gastronomic offer. And if they are absolutely hooked by your webpage, they will end the experience booking a table – which means: a sale.ipad-632394_1920
  3. Lower cost of Advertising: The reach of your Webpage could be greater than any other advertising channel when comparing the cost-benefit relation. Also, besides giving a memorable first experience and ideas to your visitors, you could also display your special promotions, events and packages that your business offers.
  4. Reach a Global Audience: Due to its online presence it will be possible to captivate new customers who wish to visit the city you are located and tourists that live inside your country but are planning a trip to your city and are looking for a gastronomic offer in your city.
  5. Link your visitors to your Social Networks: As visitors come to your page and enjoy what they are experiencing; it will be more likely they will go check out if your Social networks makes them feel the same. That is why your digital strategy should integrate both: Social media and website optimization.
  6. Brand Awareness: Your website can be a strong tool when looking to make your target market gain awareness. As you can make users visit it and get to know about your restaurant, by linking them from your social media posts, with a tiny well-managed budget you can increase the reach of each post and make more people aware. People that by clicking will be transported to your website, where they will meet your restaurant’s main added values.

 Convinced?  Are you unsure of where to begin? You could begin by checking this list of great restaurant websites, so you could obtain a little bit of inspiration and start visualizing your very own restaurant website: