10 Creative ways to advertise your restaurant these Holidays (Part 2)


Here at Goodphotofood we are all already living and sharing the Christmas Spirit. So your restaurant should be. As Christmas Eve is approaching fast, more and more people are planning their holiday dinner outside, and your restaurant should be in their scope.  

In a previous entry we covered the first five ways to creatively advertise your restaurant in this end of the year. In this entry, we want to share the remaining five ways brought by Aida Behmen – Milicevic from Possector.com in her article “10 Surprising Ways of Restaurant Holidays Promotion”. So your restaurant takes the most advantage in these holidays.

  1. Send greeting Cards to your Guests:
    We agree with Aida that this could be a great idea. Take your list of regular (and non-regular) customers that booked a table in your restaurant and send them a greeting card via e-mail (not an advertisement for a restaurant offer).This e-mail should be as personalized as you could. Start always with their name and follow it with the greeting message. Keep it short and straight to the point. Also Aida emphasizes in writing in the greeting card “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. We also think she makes a point, taking into account that your customers could have different beliefs and worldview. To close the greeting card we find very clever her suggestion of including, in one line, a hook like: “Free dessert for couples during the New Year’s Eve dinner” or “Free cocktails for tables with more than 4 people during Christmas Eve dinner”.To finish, do not forget about the design. The design of the Card should be attractive, meaning it should be visually irresistible, almost forcing them to go to your restaurant.

    Image credits: Happyday Restaurants (http://www.happydayrestaurants.com/gift-cards)

    Image credits: Happyday Restaurants (http://www.happydayrestaurants.com/gift-cards)


  2. Organize The Best Party Ever:
    The word fun is strong for marketing. And as Aida states, a good party means fun. We find this idea interesting, but she focuses in bringing popular singers and artists. What about for those restaurants whose marketing budget for this end of the year is limited? You could still organize the party and wayIn your party there could be raffles, a mask contest you could open a short dance floor and raise a little bit the volume of your end-of-the-year-party Spotify playlist encouraging your guests to have fun dancing a bit and sharing a memorable experience.She shares a valuable tip: The karaoke in your restaurant is also a simple way of entertainment that is very easy to organize.
  3. Organize a Charity Dinner in your Restaurant.
    This is a time to give and share. During these days a lot of campaigns are oriented on making people think about others more than usual. Aida suggests that a good idea to follow this spirit of sharing would be to organize charities. She describes that you make one in your restaurant, inform people about the event through the media and make a charity dinner invitations.Honestly, it could be a good idea. However, we consider charities are a delicate thing, and should not be used as tools to promote your restaurant. Let’s use Aida’s idea and focus it more on organizing the charity but not telling the media to cover your event, but share it in your social media as part of your social commitment more than a tool to advertise your restaurant. It is not widely accepted marketing campaigns involving charity that are not fully authentic. If it is driven the wrong way it could lead people to have a bad perception of your efforts.To finish, we support the idea of organizing a charity, but as a part of your actions for the people in order to share a little bit of happiness and share it in your social media networks, but not to advertise it or to plan to execute a marketing campaign around it. By doing this, people could think that your restaurant is truly caring about others more than obtaining benefits from the necessity of others.
  4. Decorate your restaurant
    This is a highly used practice. Most of the restaurants decorate a bit their interiors (and sometimes) the exterior during holidays. But is the decoration of your restaurant flamboyant enough to attract customers?

    © Copyright: Peter Stubbs. Please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk

    © Copyright: Peter Stubbs. Please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk

    We know you might be thinking that your resources are somehow limited to decorate properly your restaurant. Well you could focus on being creative, put lights inside your restaurant and changing the table napkin and serviettes to holiday colors like red or green. There is absolutely nothing your resourcefulness could not do. Just focus on giving the best decoration to your place and make it attractive for your customers to live a memorable experience eating inside.

    Here a very clever tip proposed by Aida: Let your staff be dressed according to the festivities. She states to let your staff be dressed in red – and white. If you cannot afford it then let them wear caps of Santa Claus. That will be sufficient to bring a little magic in your restaurant. Use silver, gold and red colors to decorate the tables and space. Make sure that you do not use the decorations that do not match with the restaurant’s concept.

  5. Offer Gift cards for sale
    This is the time of the year when people is more aware of giving. As Aida points out, a good tactic would be to give gift cards during the holidays. Who would not like to receive, as a gift, a dinner for two in a restaurant? And we agree when she states that is a good idea because it is a great “last minute” gift easy to obtain and convenient to give.

So, what do you think is these ten creative ideas to advertise your restaurant during these holidays? Don’t you think are good ways to take maximum advantage of this time of the year? We agree with Aida when these are ideas that could be implemented and that, we are pretty sure, it would give your restaurant results in this time of the year. And as you could see is more of having the will to execute them, more than the amount of resources needed.

Tell us your opinions in the comments below!