10 Creative ways to advertise your restaurant these Holidays (Part 1)


Here at Goodphotofood we are all already living and sharing the Christmas Spirit. So your restaurant should be. As Christmas Eve is approaching fast, more and more people are planning their holiday dinner outside, and your restaurant should be in their scope.  

In this entry, we share with you some creative ways to advertise your restaurant, brought by Aida from Possector.com in her article “10 Surprising Ways of Restaurant Holidays Promotion”. So your restaurant could be the choice of many to share their special Christmas moment.

She starts giving some general advices like: Offer a discount to attract early bookings, prepare your staff for crowd and decorate your restaurant, both in the inside and outside. General but “must-be-done” in our opinion, as according to statistics shared by the National Restaurant Association, one in ten people will go out in a restaurant for Christmas Eve.

Well, no more to be said, let’s review Aida’s first five proposed ways to creatively advertise your restaurant these Christmas:

  1. Additional Staff During the Holiday Season: We are agree when she states that higher traffic days, in order to maintain customer satisfaction, require more and well prepared staff to keep up with the customer service these days. She states that, during winter break season, many students will be looking to earn extra money for their holidays. So this could be an opportunity to find your holiday season. Although we agree this could be a chance to complete the staff you need, we suggest you to be very picky when selecting your customer-facing staff, regardless the functions they will undertake. At the end, take into account that your customer is not going to your place solely for the food, they are going willing to live a unique Christmas experience. And any bad point in the service could ruin this special night for them. 
    Source: Rolf’s German Restaurant (Photo: Rolf’s German Restaurant)

    Source: Rolf’s German Restaurant (Photo: Rolf’s German Restaurant)

  2. Start your restaurant Holidays Promotion Earlier:
    It’s a fact that people starts planning their Christmas Eve in advance. To take into advantage of this, most of restaurants start their advertising Christmas Campaign early in November, as Aida suggests, which we agree. Also she states that this should be the beginning and keep up with it until Christmas.Should I stop if my restaurant is already booked for Christmas’ Eve? No. Even though this is our goal and we could be all happy if your restaurant is fully booked this date, the following days after Christmas there will be people touched by your campaign that will be willing to go eat in your restaurant.
  3. Make a Holiday Promotional Video
    She is totally right when she states that Video Marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Also, there is a trend in restaurant web design where restaurants like Fogo de Chao, Neapolitan Pizzeria, amont others, that are including videos of their dishes, restaurant and team in their webpages to increase customer engagement.Just imagine how strong would be to publish in your webpage, social media and press a video of your restaurant decorated with Christmas? Do you think that might persuade people to go? We strongly believe it might. Remember, people react to visual stimulus.

    Img credits: 3.bp.blogspot.com

    Img credits: 3.bp.blogspot.com

  4. Offer Catering Service in Your Restaurant
    This is, in our opinion, a fantastic idea Aida brought by Aida. It is good to focus on bringing people to your restaurant and make them live the Christmas Experience. But also, there is a bunch of people looking to celebrate this special date with their loved ones at home. Some of them are preparing the dinner themselves, but also, some of them are willing to respond positively to a Special Christmas offer in Catering services.And, as Aida states, not only focus on families, put strong effort in reaching business companies, as they might be organizing various meetings, parties and receptions where food is served.
  5. Contact your Last Year’s Guests
    Aida states you should view your list of last year reservations for any event or festivity, and send them all an invitation to book a table in your restaurant these Holidays.We also suggest that the invitation should come with a special discount or offer in order to hook them and bring them to your table those dates. Also, we agree with Aida in that you should include your web link to book your table or a phone number so they could book the table. Besides, include that is for “limited time”. This will somehow create the urgency to book the table in advance in order to take advantage of it.

How do you like the first five Aida’s ideas? We find them very useful, as you could put your particular touch to any of your advertisement efforts. In the following entry we will cover the remaining five ideas.