6 Benefits of a Futuristic Website for your restaurant

Without a doubt we are living in the Internet Era. Due to technological advances we are now able to stay connected 24/7. As detailed in a research conducted by the company,  Alcatel-Lucent, it’s already a fact that a single person grabs their smartphone at least 150 times a day to check out their social network profiles, to send text messages, to take pictures and videos among other things.

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Do you know how to calculate your restaurant future sales?

To calculate your future sales, you require two main things: An accurate vision and organization. There is no certain way to know exactly how will perform your restaurant in the future, but there are some things you could do, as business owner, to reduce certainty and secure a consistent flux of sales month per month.

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5 actions to generate effective Guerrilla Marketing for your restaurant

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'; echo $output; You will see in the following slides how you could implement Guerrilla Marketing in your restaurant. What is Guerrilla Marketing? A short definition would be a method that will allow you to catch powerfully your customers and prospects’ attention. Continue reading